Thursday, 29 April 2010

Hi, Ion here, and what a playlist I have for you today. Probably not what you’re all used to, but under encouragement from the Duke (I’ve been unsure whether to post this music for a while), here it is. I warn you now, it’s a bit of a departure from my last disco-house mix! OK, where to begin….ah yes “Soul”Spektrum….recently I believe an American described soul music to Big Face as “…black people’s sex music…” well, that’s probably debatable in itself ….but what is soul?? I know my soul comes from Blighty, as I guess do most of yours, but what do I hear in all of our mixes….quality music with soul for sure, but I think it’s pretty much American influenced sounds. Where’s Blighty’s soul? Most of my life I’ve been a countryside dweller and while I love the urban influenced soul, there is definitely something to be said for Ye olde English music of the fields, barns, woods and inns. As we all know from experience, the tempo of music which suits urban and rural life and differing climates is very different. So, next time you find yourself sitting in the country, staring at a view or smoking a pipe, I plead with you to give this mix its chance…our true souls must come from our anglo-saxoness right?? I’ve been a folk appreciater for many years now and in this mix I’m hoping to share with you lads something of our true heritage. I’ve steered away from the modern folk of people like Nick Drake and John Martyn (who I’m sure you’re all familiar with), who are themselves fantastic folk writers, and tried to make up my mix from songs that have been passed down over the centuries from one generation to the next. On my playlist are traditional acoustic folk songs, folk rock from the revival in the 60/70s and modern re-tellings from recent times….as with most folk albums, I’m going to give you all a little run down of the songs…’s a bit of a ramble I’m afraid so I’ve added it all as a comment so as not to fill up the Duke’s page. Sorry if I’m boring you all a bit, but I kind of feel the effort musicians put into continuing these songs throughout hundreds of years deserves a bit of detail.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

happy birthday bro mix

admittedly it's a day late but here is mix to celebrate my brother's 29th (i think) year on earth. none of the music is especially new but a couple of the tracks i have only unearthed recently and there is no particular theme to the mix other than selecting tracks I thought my bro might enjoy on his way to work.

note to bro: i don't think they make the aisles on those new virgin trains wide enough so if you're going to throw any shapes make sure you're not wearing anything sharp or with serrated edges. other than that i hope you had a good knees up and i want you to treat yourself to a warm but expensive can of "euro piss" on your next train ride home. enjoy

those that want to download it for their journey to work can do so here

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Bubble & Squeak

Bubble & Squeak by The Lone Arranger on Mixcloud

Big debates happening this week. I'm not talking UK politics, but the debates inside my head - How to host these mixes? Soundcloud with it's 2 hour limit? Mixcloud with small file size and no downloads, or the anonymity and lack of streaming of rapidshare or equivalent.

As with most decisions I try to decide - I am still undecided. But today, this way seems like a good idea: I've setup a mixcloud account for anyone that wants to stream (Bear in mind that this mix had to be compressed to 160kbps to get down to 100MB).

But for anyone that wants to download a 320kbps copy, you can get it from here.

So, on to the tunes. When I was putting my last mix together, I ended up with the obligatory 'yes', 'no', and 'maybe' folders. Eventually, the 'maybes' started to look like a nice little collection in their own right, but with a different feel to the yes's. And so, this mix was born: The leftovers, the bubble and squeak, the mysterious old takeaway containers found at the back of the freezer.

Featuring some stuff from Lack of Afro and Koop (Only caught on to both of these recently but really like everything I've heard), a personal favourite from Aim, a taste of the new Soil & Pimp album, a few tracks I found on Juno last year, and a nice cover of The Stranglers to finish.

Download it here

...Oh yeah, tracklist:

Lack of Afro - Beautiful Here
Free The Robots - Jazzhole
Inverse Cinematics - Detroit Jazzin'
The Young Lovers - Low Down Groove
Mr President ft Mr Day - Meet Again (B Boys edit)
Monsieur Dubois - Something Nu
Fanga - Tiogho Tiogho
Benny Berigan - Snake Charmer
Re:Jazz - People Hold On (Metropolitan Jazz Affair Remix)
Souljazz Orchestra - Rejoice (Part 2)
Koop - Come to Me
Aim - Good Disease (featuring Stephen Jones)
Slum Village - Fall In Love
Gelka - So Many Ways
Deadbeats - You Never Know
The Jazzinvaders - Make It Work
Matty Blades - The Beat Goes On
Pinnawela - You Can Dance (Envee Ensemble version)
Soil & Pimp Sessions - Quartz and Chronometer
Pulshar - Golden Brown

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Boogie Times

Well, my old mate John seems to have come through again and not only put together a fine collection of classic boogie, but he sent it to me as a where do I put mixclouds, yes you guessed it, right here in the soul spektrum.

So here you have it - my man JC - "Rare and classic boogie tunes from the late 1970's to the early 1980's collected in over 12 years of working in secondhand record stores. Enjoy!"
JC - Here And Now Recordings.

Monday, 19 April 2010

looking up to you

The Revenge : Looking Up To You Rework by The Revenge

since MYsoul posted his southport mix (see March archive) i've been obsessed with the michael wycoff track 'looking up to you'. Not as if the original needed reworking but I came across this house version which is a real nice slow burner which i thought i'd share with you.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunny Day, Sweeping the Clouds Away...

Sesame Street, 2010. The once-bright streets now more resemble the grim urban sprawl of 'The Wire'. Once renowned as a place where the air was descibed as 'sweet', the huge rise in the popularity of crack use amongst street residents and spiralling crime rates means the air now is somewhat less saccharine: these days, you are more likely to see Big Bird carjacking lost tourists to feed his meth habit than roller-skating and singing in a curiously camp manner.

Back in 1973, however, it was all a lot more carefree and, following this week's shocking and violent death of Mr. Snuffleupagus which, according to official reports 'had all the hallmarks of a gangland hit', I was prompted to revisit those halcyon, sun-kissed days when I was but one year old and the Sesame Street kids got their little flared Grover-grooves on.

As well as the 123456789101112 kind of thing, they also got some jaw-dropping musicians in to do guest slots. As long as you agreed to spend a couple of minutes discussing the alphabet with a frog puppet, they let you do this. Live.

Stevie Wonder - Superstition: Sesame Street 1973

You might have seen this before, but even if you have, it bears watching again. Extended workout, fake ending.... Go on, Stevie. No wonder all the Glastonbury-bound are sounding extra-smug this year.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

whole bowl of soul

whole bowl of soul by lone arranger

Recorded using Traktor with a Behringer controller, this mix is a snippet of what I've been listening to recently. Somehow a lot of soul tracks found there way in to it. Most have come from browsing blogs, listening to podcasts and the odd recommendation from Sunday and 'brews.

I love the idea behind this site and can hopefully contribute an occasional unheard gem.
Thanks for the invitation.

Gizelle Smith & The Mighty Mocambos - The Time Is Right For Love
Mayer Hawthorne - Your Easy Lovin' Ain't Pleasin' Nothin'
Binky Griptite And The Sugarman Three - A Lover Like Me
Anna King - Mama's Got A Bag Of Her Own
The Bamboos - Got To Get It Over
Lack of Afro - Closer To Me feat. Roxie Ray
Alice Russell - All Alone (Captain Planet Remix)
Lee Fields & The Expressions - Money I$ King
Aloe Blacc - I Need a Dollar
Alvin Cash - Keep On Dancing
Lack Of Afro - When The Sun Goes Down
Chris Joss - Ford Mustard Cutter
The Herbaliser Band - Geddim!
The Bamboos – Typhoon
Sharon Jones And The Dap-Kings - Got A Thing On My Mind
The Soultwisters – Soulpudding
Greyboy - Love (feat. Nino Moschella)
Darondo - Didn't I (Trishes Edit)
Alucidination - I'm Not Bad


First up, props to the dook for getting this thing up and running - I have been enjoying a lot of new music via this site and thought it time to get my shit together and post something myself.

Living in Vietnam, CDs do not exist - the majority of my music has either been ripped from CDs bought previously or gathered from the virtual ether. Whilst always striving for the highest bitrate possible, sometimes you just have to accept the odd 128kbs tune if it is either have that or not have it at all and, unless I am playing tunes over a big PA system (where low-bit music just sounds wanky), I find this suits at home

Now, this mix.... put together using virtual dj and a semi-retarded external mixer, no headphone use, battered bass filters, hence not even trying to mix properly, more the wedding variety 'fade slowly from the end of one song into another'. I tried mixcloud, but their pesky 100MB limit meant I had to stick it up on soundcloud. Hope the player embeds below.... right, tracklist....

1. Express Yourself - Hopeton Lewis
2. Do it til You're Satisfied - Skin, Flesh and Bones
3. Sala Mosala - Staff Benda Bilili
4. Inspiration Information - Shuggie Otis
5. Why Can't There Be Love - Dee Edwards
6. You Just Keep Me Hangin' On - Jacky Wilson
7. Take Inventory - The Isley Bros.
8. Beggin' - Frankie Valli (Pilooski Edit)
9. Underdog - Sly and the Family Stone
10. Pure Filth - Lack of Afro
11. Don't Leave Me - Holland Dozier
12. Oiling Boiling - Matti Oiling Happy Jazz Band
13. Comin' Home Baby - Skeewiff
14. Warm Heart of Africa (Architecture in Helsinki mix) - The Very Best
15. Let Your Light - The Abbot Kinney Choir
16. Tusk - Fleetwood Mac
17. Do You Like Oscar Harris? - Black Market Audio

A big thanks to all of you who have posted tracks so far - always eagerly consumed in this part of south-east Asia. Keep it coming.

Kitchen sink by kitchen sink

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Aloe Blacc - I need a dollar...

... unfortunately he isn't going to get one from because i don't have a credit card to buy this track (currently retailing at WHSmith for .99 cents).

Thanks Mr Sunday for putting this track on your first Studio 51.15 mix. I'm absolutely loving this track and have had it on continuous repeat much to the annoyance of my lovely wife.

Nice website you've got going on there, i just need to find a few extra hours in the day to listen to so much good music.

keep it coming

Thursday, 8 April 2010

This is mainly stuff I used to listen to and have rediscovered recently. It's called don't judge a book because of the UB40 and Van Morrison, give it a listen before you judge! The Prince track is one of my favourites of his, especially for the Duke!

never has the bottom felt so much like the top

never has the bottom felt so much like the top by thinwhiteduke

here it is. the second installment from da duke. first off, apologies for the quality of a couple of tracks but i figured that since people will be listening via their iphones or other portable music devices and people using their computer speakers, it was worth including the tracks.

only since starting this website and the following thoughts shared on sound quality have i realised that my itunes is on a default setting to import any cds at 128kbps (standard cd quality being 192kbps). This means that many of my cds which are now in England are on my computers as lesser beings but since i don't have any great system to play them through, i'm going to love them all the same. Ironically, some of the tunes that i've downloaded for no money are of a higher quality. Not that i'm advocating the free downloading of all music albums. If it's really good then I'll want to buy and own something that i can waft about in my sticky paws. One example is in regards to the "make a smile for me" track which mr sunday (why not monday?) very kindly made available for download. That then prompted me to search out the Bill Withers (I'm not going to tell the duck billed platypus joke) album '+justments' from which it came.

ok enough waffle. sit back and enjoy...

Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Friday Givings - Music on the Move

Good Friday it is indeed. This mix is a beat/hip-hop/rhyme collection selected from the tight brief of what the duke instructed... tunes I have listening to recently(on repeat mainly). I won't talk you through every track, but there are a few bits of information that are important.

I did not set out to make a Stones Throw compilation, but on typing my track-listing it appears to have come out that way. Almost everything they put out, in my opinion is golden.

I travel to London each day by train, followed by a twenty minute walk and then again in reverse that evening. Music on the Move. So I grab what I can from the internet in the evenings, by way of mixes and radio shows, that people kindly record and put up. This blog has give me another dynamic this week, so thanks y'all. Matt I had a particularly pleasurable ride of Tuesday morning whilst listening to your mix. I think in you and Kev we may get an insight to an almighty record collection.

Anyway early in January, Jay Electronica's Exhibit C (featured in the mix) got me back on a hip hop tip that has been resting in me for some years. Since then I have been seeking out hip hop like I haven't done for some time. All things move in cycles. I think the new beats, modern production and new MC's combined with some old generals from the 90's scene has given me a new thirst. The time for hip hop the be great again is here. When I get back of an evening I buy the tracks I like if they are for sale, download if they are meant to be downloaded or wait for Sunday to come to my house and pop some nuggets on my desktop.

The first track in the mix is from a fantastic mash up by Bullion of the Beach Boys Pet Sounds in the Key of Dee. A tribute to the beats of Dilla, without actually using his beats, and rehashing what was, and is, regarded as a ground breaking record in music production the first time around, Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys. To me a new producer dissecting what was perfection, and seek to combine it with the style of another genius Dilla, is a massive feat. Needless to say anything by Bullion (from Acton Town, London) is worth checking. Pet Sounds in the Key of Dee put out to download freely, reveals a very positive side to music on the internet. Get it and listen to it, its from start to finish its great great (i.e not just great).

The mix also features some short beats from Oh No. This recent album, Dr No's Ethiopium is a must buy for any beat 'head. Much as in the same way as with Dilla, the guy is churning them out, and the only frustration of that album is that each track is over to quickly.

I have also included some big recent tracks from Stong Arm Steady, the second of which a bonus track called "follow me" feat Thurzday off Madlib and Strong Arm Steady "In search of Stoney Jackson", when ever this comes on and I am out and about it never fails to put a dance in my step.

Anyway, there are a couple of tracks to ease you back away from the beats and madness at the end, its worth looking up Wee (Norman Whiteside), Tom Waits and Aloe Blacc if you not familiar. There is a nice story to the Wee album, which apparently was funded by small time crime to get themselves time in the studio.

I hope you like it all, it did take most of my limited free time this week. I have endured the wrath of the wife to get this for you!

Enjoy and have a Good Friday.

Caroline, No – Bullion - Pet Sounds

Just Begun – Reflections Eternal – Blacksmith Records

The Pain – Oh No – Stones Throw Records

Questions – Oh No – Stones Throw Records

Blue Waves from The Ocean – J Dilla – Stones Throw Records

Best of Times (feat, Phonte) – Strong Arm Steady – Stones Throw Records

Get Familiar – Bullion – One Handed Music

Massage Situation – Flying Lotus – Warp Records

Nu Wu (feat, Ghostface Kilah a.k.a Tony Starks, Method Man a.k.a Johnny Blaze) – Raekwan – EMI

Exhibit C – Jay Electronica – Decon

Butta – Oh No – Stones Throw Records

Follow Me (feat, Thurzday) – Strong Arm Steady – Stones Throw

ManWomanBoogie (feat Amanda Diva) – Q- Tip – Mr Incognito Productions

Candy Dancin’ (feat, MarK De Clive Lowe) – Dam Funk – Stones Throw

You Can Fly on My Aeroplane – Wee – The Numero Group

Diamonds on my Windshield - Tom Waits – Asylum Records

Busking – Aloe Black – Stones Throw

Happy Birthday Marvin

Studio 51.15 - Sexual Ealing by Studio 51.15


Hi chaps, this does seem to be going awfully well doesn't it?

This is a mix I put together last night rather hastily so please excuse some slightly ropey mixing. It's not like there's elephants running across the turntables but I'm capable of much more.

I can second the dukes recommendation of Soul Power. Fantastic viewing and all audio is immaculate. I could point you to a download of it if you wish, or you could buy it. Yeah, probably just buy it.

So where's the first selection from Musicbrews? I'm told it's not too far away.

Oh and thanks to Kev for putting me on to one particularly special record.

Keep the music coming!



Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues (Drilla's edit)
Marvin Gaye - Heavy Love Affair (Revenge Rework)
Le Loup, Soul Clap - I Want You
Trus'Me - W.A.R
Allen Hoist - Inner City Blues
Allen Hoiset - Inner City Blues (4 Hero VIP Mix)
Waajeed and the Jazz Katz - Musiq