Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Here & Now recordings

The site seems to be bubbling along nicely with a few great mixes already so thanks to everyone for contributing. Word has it that there is a much anticipated Good Friday mix brewing as we speak...

A word on links: I don't want to over-run this site with links to other music but if you have a gem that you think others shouldn't miss out on then please let me know and i'll add a link. Here is a link to one of ion's friends; 'JC' who runs a label called Here & Now Recordings. Lots of great jazz and house artists seem to record for the label and he has a radio show that is definitely worth a listen. So here goes...enjoy

Also couldn't not mention the 'SoulPower' movie that I watched the other day. If you haven't seen it then look it up. A concert was put on prior to the Rumble in the Jungle between Ali and Foreman with acts like James Brown, B.B. King, Fania Allstars and a really powerful vocal display from Bill Withers. All original footage and some great moments in it. My personal favourite is watching a barechested Withers, poolside, calmly tucking into his breakfast while an entourage surround Ali to hear him wax lyrical. Gold.

have a good week all and in the words of the 'Mack' "easy does it"

Saturday, 27 March 2010

1210's gatherin dust in the loft so heres a mix from 2003...

Nice variation so far and all good listenin. Just re-read my previous post re quality and with hindsight see'in as most of you don't know me thought I'd elaborate (a little). Hi fidelity sound - whats that will anyone under the age of about 20 ask. All the younger generation of the last 10 years has known is filesharing and the instant gratification that goes with it. Never mind the quality, its about quantity and ease of access. Well its just bullshit IMHO.

The amount of effort that goes into production just for it to be played on some shite quality stream via spotify, WE7 or whatever means you lose so so much of the music - no doubt I'm preaching to the converted and apologies to you good people - since the invention of recorded sound a century ago the quest has been to reproduce sound exactly as it was played. Until the iPod generation. Don't get me wrong I love my iPod but its fucked up quality - 92kbps MP3's in clubs? what about the mid range and those deep bass elements?

Anyway, fuck it. Lets just love music, love life and love each other.

Check out the mix. Its from 7 years ago when I was on a pre-southport weekender vibe, all vinyl and full of soul. Hope you enjoy it.

Note: Just select Free User at the download page and wait a few seconds (tells you how long on the page) before you can click download and start the download.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Humbug to download

Bits and Bobs and Uploading and Downloading

Hi all,

Quick one:

Regards mp3 quality I concur with the previous post. A rate of 320kbps would be favourable.

Files can be uploaded to one of several sites for free and without having to sign up.


Google them.

Or you could get a account which will not only host the files but allow you to add tracklists and stream them as with mixcloud.

As you were.



Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Quality and Download

Given that contributors to this grand Willsher design no doubt reside at the connoisseur end of the musical spectrum can I request the following please:

1. Min 192kbps encoding
2. That mixes are made available for download in mp3 format and not just streaming.

Thanking you kindly. I'll dig out a mix or two from the attic to upload shortly.


Monday, 22 March 2010

Bill Withers - Make a Smile For Me (Trishes edit)

Bill Withers - Make A Smile For Me (Trishes Edit) by trishes

Have played this everyday for couple of weeks now. So simple but incredibly effective.

I beleive it's the B-side to a 7" from this guy out now, or soon. Check the link.