Thursday, 28 October 2010


For those who have been getting back into the Afrobeat sounds recently here is a diamond from Frank. It seems that he now has 5 mixes all available on mixcloud including AfroFunk, AfroRock and AfroHeat. To find out more about the man and his music hit voodoofunk.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Brassed OFF

So it started off as a response to phatboy Jim's funk 'Fun-Ki-Moon' mix with tracks like 'super sperm' and 'slippery when wet', really giving me the horn. Only for me to discover that I don't have that much stand out bad ass funk, so it changed into a mix of predominantly horn based tracks. But then I realized that there is such as thing as too much horn and that it's power should be mixed with other good things. Hence forth this amalgamation of sounds and moods was born.

Have had a technical nightmare trying to get this mix out as it was slightly longer than usual. I won't bore you with all the twists and turns other to say that if you have a file that's bigger than mixcloud's 100MB limit then you can stick it on podOmatic. Although i think that they may have reduced the quality of the original file, so if you want it in original file size (192kbps) you can download here.


Friday, 15 October 2010

Kon & amir party mix

ok, so I haven't listened to GP (as he likes to call himself these days) much recently but I was pleasantly surprised to hear a fine selection of tunes coming from his box including this short party mix (30 min) by Kon & Amir. I thought they were just a pair of nurdie record collectors but it looks like they've put their hands onto the mixing desk and taken some timeless classics and done their thing. If you like your classic disco 'fiddled with' and you don't mind GP talking over the top (in parts) then this is for you. It's actually just worth it for the Cerrone track (8.17) which is awesome. enjoy

track listings in comments section.