Friday, 29 October 2010

Squirrel get a nut


  1. Since being back in Blighty I've been listening to much more 'urban' stuff. Regular listeners to Benji B will recognize some of the tunes, I guess I'm getting older and felt I had to prove I'm still 'down with the kids'. If you listen to nothing else off this mix then do give the Roska track 'I need Love' a listen. Download to follow.


    Jimbo, you need to rock the first track in the pimpmobile! By the way that Roska track needs to be played on good speakers at high volume.

  3. liking it Dan. Dirty Bastard living up to his namesake. think i'll get some bodywork fitted to my car and a fat spoiler and then go cruising through the city with this mix.

    Liked Busta Rhymes track and the one before by little brother. Something that is buggin me about the pharcyde track is where i've heard that organ type sample in the background, sounds like it's been used since by nightmares on wax or someone similar, can you identify it for me??

    Haven't got to the end of the mix so i can't tell you if i like it all but i like the hipty hopty stuff, although i think i'd rather listen to donny hathaway's version of little ghetto boy in the full than Dr. Dre's.

    I've penciled you in for the first nomination in the SS end of year awards under the best named mix category "Squirrel get a nut". more to follow

  4. Donny Hathaway's little ghetto boy

  5. Nightmares on wax did use the same sample on his smokers delight album(not sure which track off hand). No doubt this is from an original soul tune, your mission should you choose to accept it is to find that tune.

  6. Quincy Jones - Summer in the City

    Do I get a prize?

  7. Nice one Dan. Enjoyed the drum & bass in the middle. Who was it rocking the amen break? Sounded a bit LTJ Bukem-ish?

    Check the original Amen Brother here:
    So much more than just a drum break.

  8. No prize this time but I will give you 14 points and everyone knows that points mean prizes. The jungle tune was by DJ Zinc, I've seen that documentary on the Amen break and it's very interesting (I'm not sure I believe it 100% though). Jungle from that era was more interesting because of those breaks, rather than the standard d'n'b beat, in my humble opinion!


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