Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Tuesday Night Escapism

Last night, after a particularly shit day at the office, these tracks were my temporary escape from spreadsheets, budgets, and the WANKER that shares my office.

OK, now that's off my chest, I'm ready for tomorrow.

Good morning good days!

Tuesday Night Escapism by lone arranger

Saturday, 26 June 2010

kollectiv respect

Before all the hating starts with tomorrows game, I thought we should show some kollective respect to our German friends.

One thing the English and Germans do have in allgemein is a thriving music and art scene. It goes back in history, indeed the first German national anthem used the melody of god save the king, with the words changed to Heil dir im Siegerkranz to the same tune as the UK version.

Anyway this a long way of saying there is a banging music scene in Germany, I know very little of the thriving techno scene I will leave that to Sunday, but perhaps the best known label from there on these shores is the Berlin based Sonar Kollectiv.

This is a little homage to some of the tunes and artists they have put out over the years with some tunes you might know and some you might not, before we hate every thing German come 3pm BST tomorrow afternoon. Enjoy.

Download available on the cloud.

Sweet Child – Micatone

Morning Child feat Carina Anderson – 4hero

Shadowlands – Two Banks of Four

The Fake Anti Waltz – The Slapped Eyeballers

Ray Ray – Fat Freddy’s Drop

I can see feat. Ben WestbeechJazzanova

Roady – Fat Freddy’s Drop

Keep on making me high feat. George Levin – Jazzanova

Just a lilLovin’ – Outlines


Let your heart be free (2007 edit)- Jazzanova

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

While we're in the mood...

Continuing with the African theme, here's another site to check out:

The Duke's link to Frank's Voodoo Funk reminded me of a blog I heard about recently on a Scrimshire podcast, but never got around to visiting.

I know we're all still trying to find time to go through Frank's site (I've only got as far as looking at the pictures on the first page!), but I had to post this before I forgot about it completely.

Happy browsing.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

World Cup Mix...Syliphone Records

Following on from BigFace's inclusion of the Fela tracks and with the African World Cup only round the corner I thought we needed some more African rhythms running through our heads. This is a mix not compiled by me, but Frank. Thanks Frank.

The musicians on this mix all hale from Guinea, a country who aren't actually in the WC but to hell with it, they sure know how to make some darn good, foot tappin, horn blowin' music ;) Enjoy.

If you want to stream the mix go here.

And if you want to download the mix go there.

And for bonus points, without looking at a map who knows the capital of Guinea?? I for one don't but I will be looking.