Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Thorpe St Andrew High

After the 'one genre' reggae mix I decided to do a Hip Hop one. I have been liking a lot of old school Hip Hop recently and was also sad to hear the news that Guru passed away, hence he features heavily. The last track is a powerful story and if you are easily upset or offended then I suggest that you don't listen to it. I hope this mix starts off bouncy enough to ensure that some of you attempt the caterpillar or even a headspin or two!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Dat World Cup be dun an now ize tinking summer be ere and is time to brek owt dat reggae sound...luv owt t'arl ize bruddas, spark up im big fattun an slouch dem sunshinin dayz away. Peace

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Two Requests

Thanks to everybody who has contributed something to the site recently and I hope people continue to enjoy the music.

I have two small requests. The first is to ask people if they can write their play-lists within the comments section. Thus reducing the length of the front page that needs to be scrolled down.

The second is to ask if people listen to a particular mix, can they take time to make a comment. Even if it is only very short it is always good to read a reaction to a mix you've posted. Apologies, as I 've probably been guilty of this on occasion.

example comments
"that was good" "i didn't like that one little bit" "that reminded me of my gran's rhubarb" "will my local HMV stock that terrific LP???" "why did i waste my time listening to that when i could have been reading trivia about the lives of people i've never met on facebook" "sublime mate" "please turn the cassette over there is an annoying humming noise somewhere" "very good" "have you tried doing Shakira's Waka Waka dance to this lively number". Feel free to use any of the above comments or even come up with your own. Many thanks