Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Thorpe St Andrew High

After the 'one genre' reggae mix I decided to do a Hip Hop one. I have been liking a lot of old school Hip Hop recently and was also sad to hear the news that Guru passed away, hence he features heavily. The last track is a powerful story and if you are easily upset or offended then I suggest that you don't listen to it. I hope this mix starts off bouncy enough to ensure that some of you attempt the caterpillar or even a headspin or two!


  1. loved it, especially the immortal technique track at the end. Go to his myspace and watch his political commentary on America's crimes against humanity, also got some other good tracks from him on there.

  2. ps the last track on there didn't really make me want to get up and do the waka waka though

  3. Great mix Dan! I do like the old-timers. As far as Immortal Technique go, I think the occasional dance with the devil can be a good thing, but clearly their message about raping your ma being a bad thing is wisdom only a rapper can sell as being insightful!

  4. Still haven't got round to this yet - any chance of a download link? I rarely get a chance to listen in front of a computer. Thanks.

    In lieu of this mix, I did treat myself to a listen of some classic hip hop, from a mix CD that I quite often go back to -
    Definitely worth buying if you see it at your local record shop.

  5. I've got that hip hop don't stop CD and love it ( it's a shame it's no good for soulspektrum as it's mixed!)
    Here's the link:

    ps. You lost out on the waka waka race!

  6. I also forgot to say the first track is a coldcut remix. Also apologies for the sound quality of the freestylers track (to be honest I ripped it for free off the t'internet).
    Who's next for a mix? I'd like to hear something from the Duke himself as Jim's blatantly never gonna get his act together!


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