Thursday, 5 August 2010

Big Chill


the nice people from the big chill radio uploading their shows as they go at the festival. They are working on streaming it, check forum for details as the weekend goes by.



  1. Nice one I was looking for a stream or something. The Sherlock Ohms is really good ( nice name as well!). This is also worth a listen:

    I didn't realize he was there last year. I am gutted as I was there but didn't go and have a boogie by the radio station bus!

  2. cheers, although i thought we might get some more updates on there. I also checked on the BC website and nothing there, anybody got any decent sounds from the weekend??


  4. brilliant, don't know if i'll find the full 3 hours to listen to this one but i'll give it a bash. Maybe the best way to go about listening to this one would be to rent a huge marque, turn the lights off, buy a few laser pens, put some cow shit on the floor outside the tent's entrance, fill me water bottle with some rum and coke and dance till the sun comes up.

    Still remember a great BC moment back in the earlier days when the festival was hardly even that and the only security were a handful of the locals from the village scout troop. Scruff's last three tracks of his setnwere so spot-on that the tent nearly lifted off. 1) Terry Callier (I don't wanna see myself without you 2) Sylvester (over and over) 3) Stevie Wonder (as).

    Classic BC moments. Please share.

  5. Um...I'm a Big Chill virgin. There, I've said it.

  6. that's alright, I'm a glastonbury virgin and it seems like everyone and his mum has been to that.

    however, put this in your pipe and smoke in. nice one dan!


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