how to get your mixes onto the site: I am not very technically minded when it comes to computers but if I can do it it can't be that difficult. There are probably different ways of getting the music uploaded but I'll tell you the way I did it. Bear with me, this is the boring bit...

If you already have a mix which is in an mp3 format go to step 3

Step 1:
download a programme called audacity This is a free audio editor.
- Open audacity and go to projects
- import your selection of tunes
- arrange them as you wish in one continuous track
- you can edit and clip sections of tracks if you wish.

Step 2: convert the track you have created in audacity into an mp3 file.
- go to file and select export as an mp3.
- for some unknown reason I had problems doing this
- so I had to export it as a wav. file and then drag into my
itunes and convert it into an mp3 there.

Step3: open an account at
- upload your mp3 file and add track listings. (note Mixcloud won't let you add single audio tracks).

Step4: set up a link on this blog to your mixcloud mix
- play your mix and you will see a share button in the top right corner
- click and copy the embeded code
- open soulspektrum and log on as an editor
- click add new post
- paste the embeded code into the edit html box
- click publish post
- job done

Alternatively, email me a link of your mix on mixcloud and I'll add it to this page.

I know this bit is pretty boring and probably the first time you do it you will want to give up. Don't. Also if you know of any easier ways to do the above please let me know.