Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Tuesday Night Escapism

Last night, after a particularly shit day at the office, these tracks were my temporary escape from spreadsheets, budgets, and the WANKER that shares my office.

OK, now that's off my chest, I'm ready for tomorrow.

Good morning good days!

Tuesday Night Escapism by lone arranger


  1. Nice going arranger, got rid of that Flag of the Hun.....I'm giving your mix a listen as we speak!

  2. Boo-hoo to spreadsheets, the English footbal team and wankers. Two thumbs up to sunny days, pineapples and a fine selection. cheers arranger. enjoyed.

  3. Nice one arranger. I am a sucker for UK Hip Hop so I really enjoyed the Ghostpoet track, I'd like to hear more of his stuff. It was also interesting to hear BT again, are they still making music or is it an old track? The Herma Puma track sampled Terry Callier and it was nice to hear a new take on his stuff. Good work lad.

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  7. You're in luck Bigface - That Ghostpoet tune is part of a 4 track EP available for free download from Brownswood.

    As for BT, I've no idea. That is the only track I have in my collection, and no idea where it came from. It appeared in my itunes on 17th May, slotted in between some other things I downloaded from Soundcloud, so maybe it came from there too. I've just been trying to find where it came from but your guess is as good as mine! I should really label my music better.

    The Herma Puma track came from Twisting the Frame 2 - a compilation from weblabel - Another free download. Definitely worth checking out what else they have.

    Come to think of it, a lot of these are available free and legal if anyone wants to get copies.
    Check out:

    Glad you enjoyed.

  8. I emailed martyn directly to tell him how pleased I was he shares his office with a massive twat. If it makes make mixes like this I am all for him spending even his weekends with that dude. Hell get him round for a sleep over.
    Rock on tommy.

  9. Crookram - Good Morning Good Days
    New Mastersounds ft Corinne Bailey Rae - Your Love Is Mine (Nostalgia 77 Rmx)
    Invisible Inc - Paradise
    Bonobo - Kong
    Daru ft. Rena - Happy
    Bullion - Get Familiar
    Feigin - Running From Yakuza
    Spinach Prince - Ghanina
    Crookram - A Man Named Ivan
    Ghostpoet - Gone
    Beta Hector - Payback (feat Dionne Charles)
    Herma Puma - Dream
    BT - Sometimes Its Raining
    Innereyefull ft Del Finch - Listen (Original Mix)
    Artner - RockNRoll
    Bears In The Attic - The Trouble With Thomas
    Bonobo - Kiara


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