Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Brassed OFF

So it started off as a response to phatboy Jim's funk 'Fun-Ki-Moon' mix with tracks like 'super sperm' and 'slippery when wet', really giving me the horn. Only for me to discover that I don't have that much stand out bad ass funk, so it changed into a mix of predominantly horn based tracks. But then I realized that there is such as thing as too much horn and that it's power should be mixed with other good things. Hence forth this amalgamation of sounds and moods was born.

Have had a technical nightmare trying to get this mix out as it was slightly longer than usual. I won't bore you with all the twists and turns other to say that if you have a file that's bigger than mixcloud's 100MB limit then you can stick it on podOmatic. Although i think that they may have reduced the quality of the original file, so if you want it in original file size (192kbps) you can download here.



  1. Nice one Jez, I recognize that bloke producing a condom from his trumpet I do believe he's Estonian. Track list please!

  2. Nice mix. Especially liked the second track and the 'Polish track' as they shall have to be called for the moment.

  3. Heard the first half of this on my way home from work today - looking forward to the rest of it. Then I think I'll be all up to date with the Spektrum again (So much music to get through recently). Of course I'm still waiting for those exclusive phatboy jim downloads!

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  5. it is indeed a huge condom being blown in Estonia, Tallinn to be precise.

    track list:
    Party Favours Featuring Gecko Turner - TM Juke And The Jack Baker Trio
    makes you nature rise - Nuyorican Soul
    Washington D.C. - Gil Scott-Heron
    Portion Of A Recording - TM Juke And The Jack Baker Trio
    Newly Arrived From Poland - Skalpel
    Tension - Skalpel
    Echoes From The Surface - TM Juke And The Jack Baker Trio
    It's Real - The Hot 8 Brass Band
    The Boss - James Brown
    Voodoo Soul Stew - The Daktaris
    I dont no phony part 2 - Moody Scott
    Ijo - Tony Allen
    Marlon Brando - The Nextmen
    zombie Fela Kuti
    Mount Zion - Desmond Dekker
    Swamp Ska's - TM Juke And The Jack Baker Trio
    Hope tkm - Fat Freddy's Drop
    What About Me (What You Gonna Do About Me) Terry Callier
    No Exit - Gil Scott-Heron
    Pieces Of A Man - Gil Scott-Heron


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