Thursday, 25 March 2010

Bits and Bobs and Uploading and Downloading

Hi all,

Quick one:

Regards mp3 quality I concur with the previous post. A rate of 320kbps would be favourable.

Files can be uploaded to one of several sites for free and without having to sign up.


Google them.

Or you could get a account which will not only host the files but allow you to add tracklists and stream them as with mixcloud.

As you were.


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  1. how is it possible to change the rate of the streaming to get it in line with your request of 320kbps? I see Matt mentioned a rate of only 192kbs. when i listen back to the streaming it is pretty faultless.

    Do you think we need everything available for downloading or just leave it down to people's requests. If you really want something than ask for it to be made available. Maybe you will want a complete mix but maybe you'll just want a single track. what do ya think?


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