Saturday, 27 March 2010

1210's gatherin dust in the loft so heres a mix from 2003...

Nice variation so far and all good listenin. Just re-read my previous post re quality and with hindsight see'in as most of you don't know me thought I'd elaborate (a little). Hi fidelity sound - whats that will anyone under the age of about 20 ask. All the younger generation of the last 10 years has known is filesharing and the instant gratification that goes with it. Never mind the quality, its about quantity and ease of access. Well its just bullshit IMHO.

The amount of effort that goes into production just for it to be played on some shite quality stream via spotify, WE7 or whatever means you lose so so much of the music - no doubt I'm preaching to the converted and apologies to you good people - since the invention of recorded sound a century ago the quest has been to reproduce sound exactly as it was played. Until the iPod generation. Don't get me wrong I love my iPod but its fucked up quality - 92kbps MP3's in clubs? what about the mid range and those deep bass elements?

Anyway, fuck it. Lets just love music, love life and love each other.

Check out the mix. Its from 7 years ago when I was on a pre-southport weekender vibe, all vinyl and full of soul. Hope you enjoy it.

Note: Just select Free User at the download page and wait a few seconds (tells you how long on the page) before you can click download and start the download.


  1. thanks very much matt for sharing that super soulful mix with us.

    Listened to it last night on the headphones and got right into that deep rare groove sound in the first half. I love that slow laidback groove with those uplifting vocals. I've got one word for you now and that's 'playlist'. Or it that two.

    I recognised a few things but there are a few i'd love to know who recorded them. For instance who did 'help is on the way'?? Lovin' that guitar and crazy piano solo at the end of this track and that sound of someone spinning something which sounds like what i can only describe as a baby's rattle. awesome. I also loved that Bobby Womack track which i recognised from the recording he did on rae & Christian's 'sleepwalking' album - 'wake up everybody' was it? Love the deepness at the end from what i can only guess must be Willie Hutch. I've never heard that before and it blew my cotton socks off. I'm a big fan of the 'Mack'.

    With regards to your rant about MP3's and sound quality I still have no idea about the kbps rate and how we can check what level our music is that we upload. All i know is that 192kbps is the equivalent of CD quality and for our purposes that should be fine. Does that then mean that if we have added music to our computers from CDs that the computer then maintains this 192kbps of quality or is that rate altered when it is played through a streaming device.

    A note to join the debate on sound quality:
    Although I have collected a few good records over the years i've never actually got round to owning a decent Hi-Fi system that can do them justice. It wasn't until last year when i was living with a guy in London who built his own valve amps until i realized the full sonic power records played through a decent amp and speakers have. I guess it is this hi fidelity sound that you mention in your previous post, and, if you have had the luxury of hearing it like this nothing else will compare. While i was allowed to use his system I sat night after night gob smacked, it almost felt like i was listening to some of my records for the first time and other records that had passed me by as being mediocre now sounded fantastic.

    anyway forget hi-fi sound for a second and spare a thought for a man without his records. I should really consider getting them shipped out here (Taiwan). It's even worse then a man who has his 1210's in the loft!

    once again thanks for sharing your mix of positive pre-southport vibes. feelin' it.

  2. wow its hotting up in here!

    got that one downloaded for tomorrows journey on a train with the other people. (iPhone I am afraid MY,probably worse than an iPod itself? but I do have a cracking set of headphones) really looking forward to it as it goes, had a cracking night with you and jez down at music box once, with the filter man himself, mr joe clausell. I seem to remember shelf upon shelf full of loved records and some belters pre and post club were played. that was some years ago but lives long in the memory. (did JC finish at 6.30am with "the end" by the doors?)

    I am pretty nervous about sitting at this musical table with the musical equivalent of Pierre White and Ramsay inspecting my cookin'. I will try, but I will bring it with love and thats all I can promise.

    all my music is made of binary code Matt, I can make no apologies, but hopefully I will be able to fulfill the quality and content criteria!

    lovin that first tune on your mix Dan, can't get enough of that.

    all in all my brother I think this is a great idea which could work out well. possibly one of your best.

    i will be with you by the end of the week, who knows maybe a good friday mix?


  3. Thanks a lot for this mix, I only wish I had anything near a record collection like yours, fantastic. I was also in the dark about the "wake up everybody" track, I thought it was a Rae and Christian original! Can I second the request for a playlist, I know this might be a big hassle so thanks in advance.
    Chris, looking forward to some good hiphop in your good Friday mix. I recommend Stanley Beckford's album Stanley Beckford plays Mento if you liked that first track.

  4. That valve guy you stayed with Jeremy is what I'm talking about - just managed to get hold of a new stylus for my thorens deck and it sounds awesome - only downside is with 2 girls under the age of 4 in the house I rarely get chance to really listen to music!

    btw - I'll stop bitchin on about sound quality etc now.

    Glad you are enjoing it - I had a hard time rememberin some of the tracks as its been a while since I played a few - need a bigger house so I can get my playroon back again! Anyway here goes:

    O'Bryan - I'm Doin fine
    Candy bowman - Since I found you
    Eugene record - Overdose of joy
    Vernon Bunch - Lovely lady
    Michael Wycoff - Lookin up to you
    Harold melvin and the bluenotes - wake up everybody
    Whatnauts - Help is on the way
    Revelation - Feel It
    Faze-O - Ridin High
    Excerpt from a track I can't remember the name of!
    Stevie Wonder - That girl
    Johnny Bristol - Do it to my mind
    Harvey mason - Til you take my love
    Sheree brown - Its a pleasure
    Willie Hutch - Easy does it
    Kim english - Simply grateful

    Keep the mixes comin folks. Nice!

  5. Musicbrews - yes it was the end JC finished with after havin us bouncing to Harold melvin 'Don't leave me this way' I seem to recall. Top night :-)

    Hope you enjoyed the mix.

  6. Hello
    Am download this mix tonight, very nice looking tracklist-Wycoff tune I love and dig out every few years.

    With regards to sound I agree with Matt in terms of playing proper quality recordings in terms of club / bar soundsystems. Things have shifted so much in access to music, formats etc could go on about this for ages. However two of the biggest suprises for me are:
    How integeral the mobile phone has become for the buying and listening of music.
    The seeming lack of interest in audio quality in general, compared to the interest in getting tracks.
    Anyway on a positive the access on music now is amazing, the sound quality is the price to be paid ??

  7. Matt, I was on about the 15th listen to this mix this morning. I had to let you all know how nice it is to get into some pure quality, a type of which I know nothing of.

    Have had fun researching since you put the play list up. I tried to post this morning from work, until they realised I was having fun on their time and it got blocked, but I had to actually leave the bus this morning half way through my journey because of you.

    I experienced an "overdose of joy" when that track dropped and had to walk it out all the way to work. God knows what I would have done had I been on a train... died or been sectioned or something. I also love that O'Bryan track, Michael Wycoff... killer tune, and not to mention that Harold Melvin track. ("Wake up all the teachers and teach them a new way" & "the world won't get no better if we just let it be")strange how I love that track and that was what you recall Mr Clausell played 2nd last that night I refer to.

    Anyway thanks, it all clicked together on a sunny warm morning today and I nearly had no where to go with so much excitement in me. Thanks.

    Any more... I am ready for my next dose.

    DJ Kev next up??


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