Saturday, 24 April 2010

Bubble & Squeak

Bubble & Squeak by The Lone Arranger on Mixcloud

Big debates happening this week. I'm not talking UK politics, but the debates inside my head - How to host these mixes? Soundcloud with it's 2 hour limit? Mixcloud with small file size and no downloads, or the anonymity and lack of streaming of rapidshare or equivalent.

As with most decisions I try to decide - I am still undecided. But today, this way seems like a good idea: I've setup a mixcloud account for anyone that wants to stream (Bear in mind that this mix had to be compressed to 160kbps to get down to 100MB).

But for anyone that wants to download a 320kbps copy, you can get it from here.

So, on to the tunes. When I was putting my last mix together, I ended up with the obligatory 'yes', 'no', and 'maybe' folders. Eventually, the 'maybes' started to look like a nice little collection in their own right, but with a different feel to the yes's. And so, this mix was born: The leftovers, the bubble and squeak, the mysterious old takeaway containers found at the back of the freezer.

Featuring some stuff from Lack of Afro and Koop (Only caught on to both of these recently but really like everything I've heard), a personal favourite from Aim, a taste of the new Soil & Pimp album, a few tracks I found on Juno last year, and a nice cover of The Stranglers to finish.

Download it here

...Oh yeah, tracklist:

Lack of Afro - Beautiful Here
Free The Robots - Jazzhole
Inverse Cinematics - Detroit Jazzin'
The Young Lovers - Low Down Groove
Mr President ft Mr Day - Meet Again (B Boys edit)
Monsieur Dubois - Something Nu
Fanga - Tiogho Tiogho
Benny Berigan - Snake Charmer
Re:Jazz - People Hold On (Metropolitan Jazz Affair Remix)
Souljazz Orchestra - Rejoice (Part 2)
Koop - Come to Me
Aim - Good Disease (featuring Stephen Jones)
Slum Village - Fall In Love
Gelka - So Many Ways
Deadbeats - You Never Know
The Jazzinvaders - Make It Work
Matty Blades - The Beat Goes On
Pinnawela - You Can Dance (Envee Ensemble version)
Soil & Pimp Sessions - Quartz and Chronometer
Pulshar - Golden Brown


  1. nice one martyn. your bubble and squeak was the perfect accompaniment to my lazy sunday afternoon on the sofa. although i love the brown sauce, not too much as it's not easy to come by in Taiwan so I have to ration myself. It involves trips to the big city to replenish.

    since i've been indulging in so much good soul and disco music recently it was great to hear those nu jazz tracks on the first half of the mix, particularly enjoyed that 'Detroit Jazzin' track and the 'people hold on' number.

    definitely pays not to dismiss that 'maybe' folder as it contains some real gems.

    as ever, thanks for sharing some great music.

  2. i've taken this mix outside and onto the headphones while riding my bicycle and i have to say it works equally well as when laid back on my sofa. Particularly enjoying the Afrobeat on the Fanga track, i'll look out for them!

    Also i'm getting a bit fed up with making mixes on the limited 'Audacity' so I'm going to check out 'traktor' and hopefully i can find a freeish download somewhere;)

  3. Hey Jez, just noticed your comment (And I think now worked out how to get comment notifications to my email???)
    Glad you enjoyed this one. These days I have a 2 year old sitting on the back of my bike, so headphones as well would probably be too much of a distraction!
    Traktor is good, it's kind of a 'virtual dj' type program, so unless you're incredibly fast with a mouse you'll need some kind of controller as well (You can probably pick up on ebay fairly cheap). Another one I have used is Mixmeister - Probably more like Audacity but with more options and you can use beat mixing and add effects.
    I can send you links to some free-ish downloads of both if you like. (It might cost you an mp3 or two!) I'll try to post another comment this weekend with the links.


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