Wednesday, 28 April 2010

happy birthday bro mix

admittedly it's a day late but here is mix to celebrate my brother's 29th (i think) year on earth. none of the music is especially new but a couple of the tracks i have only unearthed recently and there is no particular theme to the mix other than selecting tracks I thought my bro might enjoy on his way to work.

note to bro: i don't think they make the aisles on those new virgin trains wide enough so if you're going to throw any shapes make sure you're not wearing anything sharp or with serrated edges. other than that i hope you had a good knees up and i want you to treat yourself to a warm but expensive can of "euro piss" on your next train ride home. enjoy

those that want to download it for their journey to work can do so here

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  1. Man alive. I CANNOT believe I did not find a second to thank Brother thin for my birthday mix. I have been enjoying near constantly since then.

    I love the fat freddys track, so much so I ended up putting on my german mix without realising. Also patchwork ginger express.

    Word. On all fronts.

    Peace out brother.


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