Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Friday Givings - Music on the Move

Good Friday it is indeed. This mix is a beat/hip-hop/rhyme collection selected from the tight brief of what the duke instructed... tunes I have listening to recently(on repeat mainly). I won't talk you through every track, but there are a few bits of information that are important.

I did not set out to make a Stones Throw compilation, but on typing my track-listing it appears to have come out that way. Almost everything they put out, in my opinion is golden.

I travel to London each day by train, followed by a twenty minute walk and then again in reverse that evening. Music on the Move. So I grab what I can from the internet in the evenings, by way of mixes and radio shows, that people kindly record and put up. This blog has give me another dynamic this week, so thanks y'all. Matt I had a particularly pleasurable ride of Tuesday morning whilst listening to your mix. I think in you and Kev we may get an insight to an almighty record collection.

Anyway early in January, Jay Electronica's Exhibit C (featured in the mix) got me back on a hip hop tip that has been resting in me for some years. Since then I have been seeking out hip hop like I haven't done for some time. All things move in cycles. I think the new beats, modern production and new MC's combined with some old generals from the 90's scene has given me a new thirst. The time for hip hop the be great again is here. When I get back of an evening I buy the tracks I like if they are for sale, download if they are meant to be downloaded or wait for Sunday to come to my house and pop some nuggets on my desktop.

The first track in the mix is from a fantastic mash up by Bullion of the Beach Boys Pet Sounds in the Key of Dee. A tribute to the beats of Dilla, without actually using his beats, and rehashing what was, and is, regarded as a ground breaking record in music production the first time around, Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys. To me a new producer dissecting what was perfection, and seek to combine it with the style of another genius Dilla, is a massive feat. Needless to say anything by Bullion (from Acton Town, London) is worth checking. Pet Sounds in the Key of Dee put out to download freely, reveals a very positive side to music on the internet. Get it and listen to it, its from start to finish its great great (i.e not just great).

The mix also features some short beats from Oh No. This recent album, Dr No's Ethiopium is a must buy for any beat 'head. Much as in the same way as with Dilla, the guy is churning them out, and the only frustration of that album is that each track is over to quickly.

I have also included some big recent tracks from Stong Arm Steady, the second of which a bonus track called "follow me" feat Thurzday off Madlib and Strong Arm Steady "In search of Stoney Jackson", when ever this comes on and I am out and about it never fails to put a dance in my step.

Anyway, there are a couple of tracks to ease you back away from the beats and madness at the end, its worth looking up Wee (Norman Whiteside), Tom Waits and Aloe Blacc if you not familiar. There is a nice story to the Wee album, which apparently was funded by small time crime to get themselves time in the studio.

I hope you like it all, it did take most of my limited free time this week. I have endured the wrath of the wife to get this for you!

Enjoy and have a Good Friday.

Caroline, No – Bullion - Pet Sounds

Just Begun – Reflections Eternal – Blacksmith Records

The Pain – Oh No – Stones Throw Records

Questions – Oh No – Stones Throw Records

Blue Waves from The Ocean – J Dilla – Stones Throw Records

Best of Times (feat, Phonte) – Strong Arm Steady – Stones Throw Records

Get Familiar – Bullion – One Handed Music

Massage Situation – Flying Lotus – Warp Records

Nu Wu (feat, Ghostface Kilah a.k.a Tony Starks, Method Man a.k.a Johnny Blaze) – Raekwan – EMI

Exhibit C – Jay Electronica – Decon

Butta – Oh No – Stones Throw Records

Follow Me (feat, Thurzday) – Strong Arm Steady – Stones Throw

ManWomanBoogie (feat Amanda Diva) – Q- Tip – Mr Incognito Productions

Candy Dancin’ (feat, MarK De Clive Lowe) – Dam Funk – Stones Throw

You Can Fly on My Aeroplane – Wee – The Numero Group

Diamonds on my Windshield - Tom Waits – Asylum Records

Busking – Aloe Black – Stones Throw


  1. A fine selection Brews. Looking forward to a good rinse of this on the train tonight. I'm travelling with other people but they might have to enterttain themselves.

    Come on bus.

  2. well done lad, there has been a lot of anticipation brewing over this one and YOU delivered. Making it a truly good Friday ,actually for me it's good Saturday and i've to get some kip before an early start tomorrow. We're off to the mountains for a wee bit of camping.

    If your selection sounds as good as your rhyme and reason for selecting what you selected it should be all rosy. I will give it a proper listen on my return.

    peas & rice

  3. Nice one Mr Brews. I like the Oh No stuff a lot, ethnic hiphop beats are always a treat! I particularly dug that Dam Funk tune (sounds like a modern Prince to me). I also enjoyed the "follow me" track, I've been wanting to here some good new hiphop for a long time but never seem to find anything quite to my taste now so thanks for that.

  4. well we survived the endless trek through the jungle which turned out to be more of an obstacle course than a hike, i think it was a training ground for the Krypton Factor contestants.

    Since the hike I've been enjoying some head nodding beats from Mr Brews which is sounding very fresh indeed. Have to concur with 'Big Face' that the Oh No tracks are stand out, very raw and funky. Also love the off kilter jiggery pokery in the middle of the mix starting with the 'get familiar' track.

    thanks brews, enjoyed.

    ps would like to hear some more dam funk, not sure if it reminded me of prince though, since there were no shrill vocals. But that said i would like to hear people's 'best' prince track??

  5. He is not the first to recall the similarities to the modern day, artist formally known as "a symbol which represented the artist formally known as Prince". Check the album, its all killer snare drums.

  6. firstly i'm glad that this one isn't a counterfeit as i only listen to the real thing.

    the more i listen the more i like. particularly enjoyed listening the other day on my bike going up the hill, 'oh no' tracks gave me another 5%, i was really shifting gears to that shit.

    love the delivery on 'just began' and both of the strong arm track and although i like the beats on exhibit c i'm not really sure about his lyrics, if he's going to make rhymes like 'i was sleeping on a train, without even a single slice of pizza to me name' he needs to sound less serious. And as Big Face
    pointed out, surely if he doesn't have much money there are plenty of cheaper food stuffs to be buying than pizza. And i have to question his claim that he is bringing 'ancient mathematics back to modern man.' Is he? like really, and if he is i'd like to hear more, it's not the sort of thing you can just say without expanding a little.

    Q-tip track is sounding good, only wish i had chance to hear that bass line out on a big system.

    Interesting to hear that Tom waits track towards the end, i will definitely look some more of his stuff up.

    all in all a very enjoyable listening experience. thanks. more please...


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