Thursday, 8 April 2010

never has the bottom felt so much like the top

never has the bottom felt so much like the top by thinwhiteduke

here it is. the second installment from da duke. first off, apologies for the quality of a couple of tracks but i figured that since people will be listening via their iphones or other portable music devices and people using their computer speakers, it was worth including the tracks.

only since starting this website and the following thoughts shared on sound quality have i realised that my itunes is on a default setting to import any cds at 128kbps (standard cd quality being 192kbps). This means that many of my cds which are now in England are on my computers as lesser beings but since i don't have any great system to play them through, i'm going to love them all the same. Ironically, some of the tunes that i've downloaded for no money are of a higher quality. Not that i'm advocating the free downloading of all music albums. If it's really good then I'll want to buy and own something that i can waft about in my sticky paws. One example is in regards to the "make a smile for me" track which mr sunday (why not monday?) very kindly made available for download. That then prompted me to search out the Bill Withers (I'm not going to tell the duck billed platypus joke) album '+justments' from which it came.

ok enough waffle. sit back and enjoy...

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