Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunny Day, Sweeping the Clouds Away...

Sesame Street, 2010. The once-bright streets now more resemble the grim urban sprawl of 'The Wire'. Once renowned as a place where the air was descibed as 'sweet', the huge rise in the popularity of crack use amongst street residents and spiralling crime rates means the air now is somewhat less saccharine: these days, you are more likely to see Big Bird carjacking lost tourists to feed his meth habit than roller-skating and singing in a curiously camp manner.

Back in 1973, however, it was all a lot more carefree and, following this week's shocking and violent death of Mr. Snuffleupagus which, according to official reports 'had all the hallmarks of a gangland hit', I was prompted to revisit those halcyon, sun-kissed days when I was but one year old and the Sesame Street kids got their little flared Grover-grooves on.

As well as the 123456789101112 kind of thing, they also got some jaw-dropping musicians in to do guest slots. As long as you agreed to spend a couple of minutes discussing the alphabet with a frog puppet, they let you do this. Live.

Stevie Wonder - Superstition: Sesame Street 1973

You might have seen this before, but even if you have, it bears watching again. Extended workout, fake ending.... Go on, Stevie. No wonder all the Glastonbury-bound are sounding extra-smug this year.


  1. Classic. Caught Stevie in manchester last year and he was incredible, just a beautiful, immensiely talented human being. I would urge everyone to go see him if you can. Voice superb and music tight - really heartwarming stuff to see these legends as there ain't too many of em about.

  2. Mysoul, you have my jealousy bone going into overdrive. There's always the Hyde Park gig this year - I can but hope...


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