Saturday, 17 April 2010


First up, props to the dook for getting this thing up and running - I have been enjoying a lot of new music via this site and thought it time to get my shit together and post something myself.

Living in Vietnam, CDs do not exist - the majority of my music has either been ripped from CDs bought previously or gathered from the virtual ether. Whilst always striving for the highest bitrate possible, sometimes you just have to accept the odd 128kbs tune if it is either have that or not have it at all and, unless I am playing tunes over a big PA system (where low-bit music just sounds wanky), I find this suits at home

Now, this mix.... put together using virtual dj and a semi-retarded external mixer, no headphone use, battered bass filters, hence not even trying to mix properly, more the wedding variety 'fade slowly from the end of one song into another'. I tried mixcloud, but their pesky 100MB limit meant I had to stick it up on soundcloud. Hope the player embeds below.... right, tracklist....

1. Express Yourself - Hopeton Lewis
2. Do it til You're Satisfied - Skin, Flesh and Bones
3. Sala Mosala - Staff Benda Bilili
4. Inspiration Information - Shuggie Otis
5. Why Can't There Be Love - Dee Edwards
6. You Just Keep Me Hangin' On - Jacky Wilson
7. Take Inventory - The Isley Bros.
8. Beggin' - Frankie Valli (Pilooski Edit)
9. Underdog - Sly and the Family Stone
10. Pure Filth - Lack of Afro
11. Don't Leave Me - Holland Dozier
12. Oiling Boiling - Matti Oiling Happy Jazz Band
13. Comin' Home Baby - Skeewiff
14. Warm Heart of Africa (Architecture in Helsinki mix) - The Very Best
15. Let Your Light - The Abbot Kinney Choir
16. Tusk - Fleetwood Mac
17. Do You Like Oscar Harris? - Black Market Audio

A big thanks to all of you who have posted tracks so far - always eagerly consumed in this part of south-east Asia. Keep it coming.

Kitchen sink by kitchen sink


  1. Wow Dave, great to see you've finally got your scouseness into gear and posted a mix! The touch of madness and humour in your selection tells me hanoi is as odd as i expected.... Either that or you've made it become that way by spreading your musical seed throughout the People's glorious capital. I paricularly enjoyed hearing Shuggy Otis' Inspiration Information.....and the instrumental Helsinki mix of Warm Heart of Africa is definitely beats the vocal version which is a little cliched and annoying (which, as it happens, only three days ago, a different fella called scouse dave sent to me via a youtube link....don't worry though dave, there's only one real scouse dave and certainly only one with taste....good to hear from the kitchen sink again,

  2. ...i might have guessed that you would be the only one to put a track on your mix sung by a group of paraplegics in the gardens of a Kinshasa zoo. (I'm not making this up - check the 'staff benda bilili' myspace). If i remember rightly didn't you drive into a group of paraplegic athletes once on your scooter??

    a liked the drum n bass version of 'coming home' which i'm sure you're aware was only the second track to make it's way onto this website - the quincy jones version.

    always good to hear what you've been stompin' to recently, keep us updated.

  3. You remember rightly - a husband and wife team of (tongue-twister alert) thalidomide paralympian paraplegic weightlifters. Not sure if i can say 'thalidomide' these days, just don't tell the PC cops...

    This is all great by the way, it's like the mixtape fairy visiting your house in the night and leaving little nuggets of musical joy in your stocking.....

  4. Can you make this available again please?


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