Monday, 3 January 2011


It's been a bit of an African winter for me music wise ever since Simon put me on to the Shina Williams track which I have been playing pretty much everyday and am still not getting bored of. I then got a 3 Cd of African tunes for Christmas and have selected a few off that (the first track is a kind of cross between an African Eric Clapton and an African laughing Policeman). On the 15th of January I am off to see Fela! the musical which has music from Antibalas live so that should be good. I know the last track isn't African but because of their name and the track title and the fact they are coming to Norwich in March it sneaked on! I don't think I can give Frank a run for his money yet but I'm trying. Happy New Year everyone.
Ps. Download to follow.



    Also extra pub quiz points for the funniest giraffe based joke posted!

  2. What’s the difference between a giraffe and a lion?
    A lion’s heart is only six inches wide and weighs around a kilo, whereas a giraffe’s can measure up to two feet long and weigh more than ten kilos.

    Ok, sorry, that was a fact, not a joke….here goes with a funny……one morning a large giraffe by the name of Paul wandered in amongst a herd of Thompson’s gazelles….”Wow,” said a gazelle in amazement, “You really are quite extraordinarily tall. How is it possible for you to drink from a steam without fainting?” …….”Well,” said Paul, “I’m not only a simple giraffe, I am named by the latins as Camelopardalis and I have elastic blood vessels which help me avoid such a fate while taking on fluids!”

    Sorry……What do you call a ten giraffes in a row? A giraffic jam.

    Digging the mix Dan, really like Super Mama Djombo and glad that Shina Williams number is still rocking your flat-country arse. I will be listening to this a lot. Nice work Dan.

  3. what's the difference between a JCB and a giraffe?

    one's got hydraulics and the other's got high bollocks.

    cheers dan, that Shina Williams track is a killer crocodile, got my gazelle wobble on for the NY

  4. Thanks for a welcome warm front in Taiwan. With Ion on the Super Mama Djombo, and the whale omelet sized slice of funk from Shina Williams.

    What's the most popular board game in the Serengeti? Gir-aughts! Did I make that up? Probably not. Nice mix.

  5. What do Giraffes have that no other animal does?

    Baby Giraffes. (just in case you are in a toght spot and stuck for an animal joke, that pretty much works with any variety of any species).

    Loving this mix by the way. Given it a few listens and brightens up my day that fo sure.

    The first track' guitar work is about as self indulgent as it gets from a guitarists point of view (in an afro way), regardless I like it and the simplicity of that sound.

    Keep em coming.

  6. Why did the Giraffe get lost in the jungle?
    Because the Jungle is Massive!

    Heard that today and couldn't resist.
    As you were...


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