Monday, 6 December 2010


Round 1 - Covers

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Duke's Head - A place to share what you're drinking right now, and for those who still like to mix cocktails, get involved.

Get yourself a drink, think of a witty team name, DOWNLOAD THIS and prepare for the very first Soul Spektrum Pub Quiz...

As you've probably noticed, I'm quite fond of a good cover. Here is a selection of 20 tributes to/improvements on/new ideas for tracks from a range of genres. It's up to you to tell me what they are and who done 'em.

The rules are easy. Points awarded for artist and title of both the original and cover versions. Bonus points for any useless trivia you might know about the music.

Using the internet is cheating - Minus 1 million points.

Answers in the comments section please.


  1. Original - Duke of Wellington
    Cover - Duke of The Thin White

    Double points for art-work covers???? I didn't use the big www.

  2. ok, i'll have a pint of ale please barman, and as my head is on the sign of the pub i think i'm entitled to a free packet of pork scratchings to go with. hell give some bacon frazzles an'all.

    Team name: Beer mats

    Some answers (need someone to fill in the blanks):

    1.Roy Ayres/D'Angelo - Everybody loves the big yellow thing in the sky (accept if you live in the UK and then you probably don't know what it is)
    2.Stevie Wonder / ??? - You are the big yellow thing (again, not available to uk users) of my life
    3. 4Hero / ???? - Cosmic tree
    4. Air/ ??? -
    5. Bob Marley / UB40 - Stand up for your rights
    6. Dusty Springfield / ???? - Son of Preacher man
    7. Beatles / ??? - Hey Jude
    8. ???
    9.Toots & the Maytals / Some weak ass cover band (sorry didn't like that one) - 5446 was my number
    11.Wacko/heavy synth dude - Billy Jean
    12.McFadden & Whitehead / ???? - ain't no stoppin us now
    13.Curtis Mayfield / ???? - Fred is Dead
    14.don't know but i found myself singing along with " i'm coming up, i want the world to know"
    15.Marvin Gaye/Hot 8 Brass Band - Sexual healing
    16. sounds annoyingly familiar but i can't put my finger on it
    17. Spanky Wilson / ?? - Sunshine of your love
    18. Mr Scruff / Quantic soul orchestra - get a move on

    bit thin on the ground with trivia but i'll leave that for someone else to do

  3. diana ross - i'm coming out (a gay anthem if ever there was one)

  4. 1. all correct
    4. it’s not Air
    5. not UB40
    14. I’m not accepting Diana Ross’s ode to the gays. Given the title of the cover version, I’m presuming it’s actually a cover of 2 tracks, one of which contains a sample of I’m Coming Out. Confusing.
    15. all correct
    17. not Spanky Wilson
    18. all correct

  5. come on dan, stop writing your essays and get involved. never known you to turn your nose up at a pub quiz.

  6. Downloading now. Damn, I love quizzes. I have about 41 minutes afore I can have a listen and see if I actually know anything..

  7. Team name:Giant Mug
    I didn't use the internet but I did use my itunes library to assist.
    1.D'Angelo/Roy Ayers: Everybody loves the sunshine
    2.??/Stevie Wonder: You are the sunshine of my life
    3.??/4 hero: Cosmic tree
    4.Zero 7/??: I Have seen
    5.Jimmi Hendrix?/Bob Marley: Get up, Stand up.
    6.??/Dusty Springfield: Son of a Preacher man
    7.Janis Joplin?/The Beatles: Hey Jude.
    8.Horace Andy/The Temptations: Get ready here I come
    9.Smiley Culture?/The Toots and Maytals: 5446 was my number.
    10. I Roy?/Snoop Dog: Gin 'n' Juice
    11.Herbie Hancock?/Michael Jackson: Billy Jean
    12.??/McFadden & Whitehead: Aint no stopping us now
    13.??/Curtis Mayfield: Freddy's dead
    14.Hypnotic Brass ensemble/Diana Ross: I'm coming out.
    15.Hot 8 Brass band/ Marvin Gaye: Sexual Healing
    16.Tito Puente?/??: Reach out?
    17.??/??: ??
    18.Ella Fitzgerald/Eric Clapton Sunshine of your love
    19.Quantic Soul Orchestra/Mr Scruff: Get a move on
    20.MAW?/The Temptations: Papa was a rollin stone

  8. By the way thanks Lone Arranger, I enjoyed this. Jimbo how's about posting your hip hop samples list?

  9. A couple more gaps filled in by the Giant Mugs, and a couple of incorrect guesses too. (This is great, I feel like Block Buster Bob).

    18. You can have a point for Eric Clapton – It was his band, Cream that did the original.
    20. Point for The Temptations, although Wikipedia tells me there was an earlier version recorded by The Undisputed Truth.'_Stone

    So now we have:

    1.D'Angelo/Roy Ayers: Everybody loves the sunshine
    2.??/Stevie Wonder: You are the sunshine of my life
    3.??/4 hero: Cosmic tree
    4.Zero 7/??: I Have seen
    5.??/Bob Marley: Get up, Stand up.
    6.??/Dusty Springfield: Son of a Preacher man
    7.??/The Beatles: Hey Jude.
    8.??/The Temptations: Get ready here I come
    9.??/Toots and The Maytals: 5446 was my number.
    10. ??/Snoop Dog: Gin 'n' Juice
    11.??/Michael Jackson: Billy Jean
    12.??/McFadden & Whitehead: Aint no stopping us now
    13.??/Curtis Mayfield: Freddy's dead
    14.??:??/??:?? and ??:??
    15.Hot 8 Brass band/ Marvin Gaye: Sexual Healing
    18.Ella Fitzgerald/Cream: Sunshine of your love
    19.Quantic Soul Orchestra/Mr Scruff: Get a move on
    20.??/The Temptations: Papa was a rollin stone

  10. A clue for one of the originals of number 14:

    The song is initially dedicated exclusively to the world's population of attractive females, until **** seems to have pangs of guilt for not including ladies who might be considered 'homely' or 'ugly,' so he decides to include them, with the encouraging words, 'to me, you pretty anyway, baby.' The artist begins the song by expressing his harsh disdain for women whom he meets, who initially appear to be interested in him, yet later express a reversal of opinion. He then transitions into a discussion about how women sometimes imply they are carrying one's child, although the DNA tests may not yet have come back conclusively.

    **** then expresses some confusion with respect to the morality of the situation, but he is able to remedy this by presenting his Cristal brand of champagne, and urging the patrons to disarm themselves, because **** does not approve of such violence. Continuing, it appears at first that there is some mutual attraction between **** and the female patrons in the establishment; however, it soon becomes apparent to **** that the females only wish to use him for a shot at music video stardom. Despite his knowledge of their ulterior motives, ****’s primary interest remains focused on dancing, and he tries to perpetuate his image as one who should not be taken lightly. He acknowledges a lack of intellectualism, although he claims that this is superseded by his natural charisma.

    The females in the establishment start admiring **** for his assets, which just causes **** to return to the situation at hand: his money. He asks for the females’ assistance in rectifying the situation, and subsequently asks them to expose their nether regions. **** finishes off the song with some nonsensical lyrics, that clearly imply his rising anger for the missing money.

  11. Ooooh this quiz is a close one between the Beers Mats and the Giant my quick count it's 23 points to the Mats and a battling 6 to the Giant Mug. Of course if you count looking over someone's shoulder to the other table as not cheating, then it's even tighter.....personally, I didn't enter a team for fear of embarrassment at my lack of ability to recall any name other than those of my immediate family...nice going boys!! Nice job Arranger.

  12. Thanks Mr Arranger - that was fun to listen to as well as pretty bloody tricky. I have no idea of quite a few of them but I have had a go at filling around the gaps left by others (I actually did this yesterday, but my post flew off into the virtual ether, never to be seen again). Here goes nuthin'

    4: I have seen. Zero 7, original by my favorite scouse working men's club band, The Peddlers.
    5: Get Up, Stand Up. Sounds like Richie Havens singing on this version, with some other bloke I don't know.
    6: Son of a Preacher Man. Dusty original, again don't know the cover, but will guess Aretha.
    7: Hey Jude. Original the Fab Four, cover by Ella Fitzgerald. Ace cover, by the way. I grew to hate Hey Jude, but this one rocks my little face!
    9: 54-46. Toots original, Aswad here.
    13: Freddy's dead. Curtis original, Galliano here.
    14: Sounds like elements of 'Got your money' by Ol' Dirty Bastard, mixed up with 'I'm coming out' again, no idea who does this, but will guess the apples.
    16: Papa's got a brand new pigbag by Pigbag (original). Cover version?
    17: Send in the Clowns. Think the original was Judy Collins, but it was from some film, so could be whoever sang it in the film. I seem to be getting vaguer as I go on...

  13. I'm not sure I like Ion's implication that I cheated (actually it's more of an accusation than an implication). I typed my list in word and 'copy and pasted' it as I knew there would be answers in this section. It took me ages. By your logic Jez wins just because he posted first, coming first might be something to be proud of in your world but it's not in mine!
    I have 2 additions:
    I just downloaded a reggae compilation and on it is a Sly and Robbie version of Billy Jean which sounded instantly familiar!(not because it was Billy Jean but because it was in this quiz)

    From Arranger's clue the 'Diana Ross' track is Mo' money,Mo' problems by the Notorious L.A.R.G.E

  14. I always come first and although not proud of it, it does mean I can pop out for a cigarette quicker.

  15. OK, enough suspense. Correct answers are:
    Everybody Loves The Sunshine - D'Angelo
    (Roy Ayers)
    You Are The Sunshine Of My Life - Irene Kral (Stevie Wonder)
    Cosmic Tree - Andre Zimma Yesolar
    (4 Hero)
    I Have Seen - Zero 7
    (The Peddlers)
    Get Up Stand Up - Richie Havens & John Lee Hooker (Bob Marley & The Wailers)
    Son Of A Preacherman - Reggie Young, Susan Tedeschi(Dusty Springfield)
    Hey Jude - Ella Fitzgerald
    (The Beatles)
    Get Ready - Gregory Isaacs
    (The Temptations)
    54-46 (Was My Number) - Aswad
    (Toots & The Maytals)
    Gin & Juice - Prince Fatty ft Horseman
    (Snoop Doggy Dogg)
    Billie Jean - Sly And Robbie
    (Michael Jackson)
    Ain't No Stopping Us Now - Charanga 76
    (McFadden & Whitehead)
    Frederick Lies Still - Galliano
    (Curtis Mayfield)
    Money - The Hackney Colliery Band
    (Notorious BIG - Mo' Money Mo' Problems (Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out) / Ol' Dirty Bastard - Got Your Money)
    Sexual Healing (edit) - The Hot 8 Brass Band (Marvin Gaye)
    Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag - Soil & "Pimp" Sessions
    Send In The Clowns - Lorez Alexandria
    (Written by Stephen Sondheim from the musical A Little Night Music)
    Sunshine of Your Love - Ella Fitzgerald (Cream)
    Get A Move On (Alternative Mix) - The Quantic Soul Orchestra
    (Mr Scruff)
    Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Richard E's Stoned rolling mix) - Allen Hoist
    (Undisputed Truth / The Temptations)


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