Sunday, 5 February 2012

Spektrum return

It's been a while. Finally had an evening to myself with which to play some songs what I like, and arrange them in an order that is not too damaging to the ears, whilst recording them on a device which enables me to pass them to you.

An arrangement of songs old and new, remixed and original that I have made me say "Yes" whilst listening to them at some point over the last year since I posted.

I have very much appreciated and enjoyed all the mixes posted here. Keep em coming I say.


  1. Damu the Fudgemunk - When Wintercomes
    Bas Blasta - Aint Whatcha Do
    Da Bush Babees - The love song (Feat Mos Def)
    Aloe Blacc & Kero One - The Love Song
    The Left - Battle Axe feat Mu
    Rasheed Chappell - Building 8
    Nextmen - Kane Booty edit
    Malefique - Farewell my love
    Dr Horrible - Unknown
    StayReal - RUNStevieRUN
    dranaL - Fat Back Remix
    devonwho - widmilshire
    Malefique - Aleket Ve Eshmor Le Mazkeret
    BeFP - Headysleep
    The Nextmen & Fat Freddy - Did No Wrong
    London Elektricity - Elektricity will keep you warm
    Unknown - Oops my brother
    Unknown - side of the wildside
    Little Beaver - Party Down
    Sheila B & Devotion - Spacer [1979] Original
    Lucy Hawkins - Get out of here (touchsoul edit)
    Xavier - Love is the one
    Lady Gwendolyn - Shout II
    Double Dee & Steinski- Lesson 2 (james brown mix)
    Wesseltoft schwarz - Kammermusik
    Stubborn Heart - Need someone

  2. day time listen didn't work for me but some late night listening hit the spot, lots of head nodding donkey action. difficult to say which ones i liked especially lots, as i lost track of which track i was trucking, but suffice to say that i thoroughly enjoyed my listening experience.

    Interesting collaboration between FF and Nextman, like! and very like the drum & bass follow-on. mittens will also keep you warm. love the 'spacer', I'm also a star chaser. did you know there are lots of stars in the sky.

    would sound good on the phones, any chance of a DL/dropbox? Only other comment is it's a bit too long to find time to listen all the way through. A part a & b would work for me with a splice just before little beaver builds his dam. You could call part a the beaver-hop and part b the beav-isco. Beautiful ending with the last two, especially kammermusik.

  3. Download available on soundcloud my freind. Click on the picture, and hit the arrow pointing towards the floor. ;-)


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