Saturday, 11 February 2012


  1. You can change the size of the mixcloud 'widget' by looking at the HTML coding and altering the size values. When I looked at yours it was set to 480x480 for some reason. I just changed this to 300x300. The values are in there twice, once at the top and once at the bottom of the script.

    On a non-techie tip, i thought the new Floating Points was out-er-standing, still love listening to his 'love like me this' track.

    Bobby Bryant, big man, big band. I thought a hot cigar was happiness?

    Riz MC track- sounds terrible (bass distortion - maybe it's my speakers)

    Dark, Dub - hit, miss or maybe, definitely a hit. Need a copy of the JD73 album if you have it.

  2. mercurial mini mix from 'Points', a few years old but sounding positively radical.


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