Friday, 25 November 2011


  1. Oh my. James, you seem to have selected some rather delectable tracks inducing a capricious, halo like, raft of aural pleasure.

    Straight off the bat with some nautical guitar pickings which i love. Wasn't sure about the next one on first listen but on the second run it hit the spot. I'm liking the laid-back, unpronounceable offerings from the people who seem to have sampled Gil-Scott Heron, which, incidentally, I'm diggin like a mole on heat. Then taking it down a notch with a mercurial voice on voices. Wouldn't have thought it was worth re-doing a Bob James' classic but with it's tantalizing ivory tinklings, it's on the money. Definitely need some more Danger in my life and anything else the sisters have to offer. Any chance of slotting that one in the dropbox? I had totally forgotten how much i enjoyed watching The Wire until i heard those five blind boys from Alabama doing their thing. I think i still have series 4 onwards to watch. Finishing proceedings with a couple of bombastic belters on a house/disco tip which got me out of my armchair and shuffling along in me slippers with me hands in the air. Easing us down gently with the ever angelical sisters of Lijadu.

    I think you've outdone yourself on volume 7 of the 'Now' series. Definitely my favorite so far. Any chance of putting the whole thing on dropbox so it can be downloaded and listened to on my walkman??

  2. sorry not capricious. I just looked up the meaning of that one. Your mix is very uncapricious. dude.

  3. Xie Xie El Duche! You have really outdone yourself on the adjectival front. Are you thinking the Outkast horns are a Gil sample? I checked before, and apparently it's an original riff, but don't let that dampen your talpine titillation. Could be wrong though. Appreciate the post. Cheers.


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