Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Big Chillover

After going to the Big Chill at the weekend here's a mix inspired by some of the things I heard over the weekend. I'm still recovering 4 days later and I had a gap in my schedule after the England game was called off due to rioting (ironically not by football fans). Extra points for anyone attentive enough to tell me why I used a picture of Maradona for the mix. This one goes out to my old china plate Jez who always told me about the Big Chill and made me want to go. Respect.


  1. Either,

    because you went to the big chill with a short skillful person who inspired this mix but you preferred to put a photo of the Argentinean wizard up (tenuous I know)

    or, Mardonna's favorite reggae artist is Prince Fatty and he was also good at shimmying, going past an opponent he would yell 'shimmy ya' with a Jamican lilt.

    if not, then big chill could be an anagram of his pet pouch which is called G.L Bilich

    "long time like Maradona no kick a ball"

  2. enjoyed the mix by the way, sounding really good on my brand new second hand speakers which are sounding sweet. Mina's dad had an old sound system for karaoke which is now set up in my back yard. Big 4ft high bass boxes ideal for BBQ and reggae. Those in Huatan which out for the weekly sound clash on a Sunday.


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