Thursday, 14 July 2011

Diggin' the Soundclash

This mix was inspired by listening to David Rodigan on Gilles Peterson's show (it's in dropbox). I was motivated to put the mix together by two major factors: the boys in Taiwan are having a night of music called Diggin' in Puli this weekend. I really miss my friends in the 'Wan (as veterans call it) and would love to be at Diggin' so I could dig what they dug out of their crates (or computers). I was also motivated by the mix being a nice distraction from the rather tedious dissertation I am writing, Enjoy your night of music boys, maybe you can listen to this as a warm up!


  1. Nice reggae tunes Dan, I really like that Phyllis Dillon version of Woman Of The Ghetto...and the Aswad was a pleasant surprise too....I'm not too sure I go for that heavy bass stuff at the end of the mix....perhaps I need some ketamine for the next time I listen! Shame you ain't gonna be Diggin' the dugs tomorrow night dude...
    Peace and disco.

  2. Ummmm, reggae tunes certainly hit the spot for me too, especially inspired after listening to that Rodigan broadcast. Haven't found the time to check out the U-tube footage yet though. Maybe i'll do it now.


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