Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Up the funktion


  1. No comments??? What a mix, only half way through but...

    Tina Turner - yes.
    Betty Lavette -yes top drawer

    Good work rev.

  2. indeed good work from the reverend, he must have cut back on the sermons as he's been churning out the mixes recently.

    particularly liked the version of grandma's hands, cymamde's bra is a classic (the rift sounds the one mos def used in 'umi says'), sam cooke's voice is incredible and for me the last track was the best, had me and Barney bobbing round the room like a pair of nutters trying frantically to put out a bush fire, practically as hot in my living room as the summer heat cranks up a notch...

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  4. Lovely mix, it fitted nicely with my sunny two weeks in Italy. Hard to pick out any tracks as they're all gems. I am a sucker for Fred Wesley though. I also love that Cymande track, I've only heard that and Brother's on the slide by them, has anyone got an album? Dropbox?

  5. Cheers fellas. Bigface, I'll dropbox some Cymande now.....

  6. Thanks for that Dave, it's a nice album I didn't expect them to do a kind of early rasta reggae tune! Good listening.


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