Thursday, 16 June 2011


Tom Cat by Phatboyjim on Mixcloud


  1. love that first track by muddy waters and really enjoyed hearing Kendricks and the Mary Jane Girls tracks again, been a while since i've heard them. 'ain't nobody' always sounds good but those who didn't catch it first time around, it's definitely worth going back and listening to the salsa version on music brews' 're-mixes' mix. Brews, can you put a copy of that in drop box for me, tar;)

  2. Alex Wilson - Ain't Noboady - Revenge Rework in the drop box under folder Brews.

    Worth checking out that Alex Wilson, done some good Salsa versions of other bits and bobs. I got it from Soundcloud page of alchemeyremixmanagement, who currently have a killer version of Womack & Womack's "Baby I'm scared of you" Mark E Edit. It has a cool 6 & half minute intro. Not available for download so check it here...

    Being played daily in the Brews household.

  3. Nice mix Jim, a few tunes off your 3o's rolling on mix in there I noticed. The Muddy Waters track is dirty if you'll excuse the pun! I'll put the Shuggie Otis album in dropbox so you can hear the original of Strawberry Letter 23.


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