Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Better late than never

I started putting this together back in December, and finally got round to recording it some time in February...but it sounded rubbish!
A few months later and here is take 2. You can't rush these things!

What the cool kids are listening to: by lone arranger

What the cool kids are listening to:

Aaliyah - One in a Million (Klaar Remix)
Kinahmi - Cracks On The Wall
Zero 7 - Destiny (Gradt Remix)
Devonwho - Widmilshire
Kidkanevil - Setsuko (BUG Remix)
Kidkanevil - One for Tokyo
Dorian Concept - Fort Teen
Theo Krish - Miso Soup
Lunice - Perpetual Leisure
Souleance - Passarinho
Unitone Hi-Fi - Hang On (UHF Remix of the K.E.N. Remix)
Zayn Kemp - Pass The Dutch Dub
XLII - Roll Upon You Like XLII
Greek Gods - Y'all Aint Serious
Greymatter - Believe in Something (Karizma's Deep One Vokal Dub)
Stac - Glory (Greymatter Remix)
Domu - Dangerous Times (Simbad Remix)
Ghostpoet - Cash & Carry Me Home (Alex Patchwork Remix)
Dwala - Reminisce

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  1. Nice, mate. If at first you don't succeed, errr...wait three months and try again. It reminds me of being back in Bristol. Now all I need is a little green.....


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