Thursday, 21 April 2011

Sunshine + Reggae from dropbox = :-)

Loving the Abysinnians and the other reggae tracks in this april (?!?!?!) 20 degree+ sunshine! coldest winter on record followed by dryest march and some crazy temps in

Been to few gigs recently of note here in manchester - Herbie Hancock, Mulatu Astake and this week Seun Kuti - all quality. I did post up a couple of vids from the kuti gig on dropbox but realised they were taking up loads of space so have posted them on youtube instead - click the links.

Enjoy the sunshine this easter - you know it won't last !

Peace to all


  1. also loving the reggae, that soul syndicate album sounded great on first couple of listens.

    matt - liked the Seun Kuti video clips. Took me back to when i saw Femi at the Hackney Empire followed by a night at The End to watch Danny Krivit, on my own!! Was quite a musical journey. I have to say having only listened to a few tracks from Seun he has the same intensity as his father but doesn't sound as refined as his brother Femi. I wonder what the other 19 brothers do for a living??

    I had never heard anything from Mulatu Astake before your post but boy were they sounding tight in that clip. Have since listened to a few other of their gems on You Tube. Breathtaking! Which album would you recommend, i see they have had something out recently on Strut Records (there is a good clip of them performing in Sao Paulo)? Can you pop anything of theirs in DB per chance?

    As for the James Blake, I was pleased to see it in there but on first listen the rest of the album didn't sound as good as the track i first heard 'limit to your love' which i really liked and recently discovered was a cover of a Feist track (T.C. ;). Maybe the album would make more sense if i was watching the rain drops roll down my window, living in a dreary tenement flat somewhere in London. Too much vocoder for me.

    anyway thanks for all the music, keep it coming spektrum-ites. enjoy your spring before it becomes sprung and remember not to leave your chocolate bunnies out in the sun!

  2. Who put cheeky cheeky in there? I like it, got a tracklist?

  3. Originally I thought it was you, but evidently not. I think The Reverend may have had something to with it. It's exciting, this not knowing who 'done' it malarkey. It's a bit like musical cluedo but without Colonel Mustard or any of the weapons. Actually, it's more like someone breaking into your house in the night and leaving you a CD you never knew you wanted on the shelf, which is infinitely better than a round of the 80s murder mystery game.

  4. Musical Cleudo? I reckon it was the duke, in the study, with the 1210s.

    Cheeky cheeky was my fault, I was experimenting with both the dropbox and audacity at the same time. Loving all of this - I am thinking of marrying a computer and having a little bastard robot lovechild called Hal 9000.

    Tracklist is as follows:

    1. Put a Little Love in Your Heart - Mary Frazier Jones
    2. Swing Easy - Flowering Inferno
    3. Dennis the Fox - Piledriver
    4. Fumando - Captain Planet
    5. The Way You Make me Feel - Gutbucket Slim
    6. Love Power- Skeewiff
    7. The Bearded Lady Theme - Free the Robots
    8. Mercy - The Third Degree
    9. Gonna Fix You Good - The Alan Down Set
    10. Foolish Fool - Dionne Warwick


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