Sunday, 20 March 2011

1 year anniversary feebie - BOATS

This was my favourite listening pleasure last year and as a way of thanks to everybody you made contributions to this site you can have a copy. If you would like this you need to install 'dropbox' (an invitation has already been sent to your email) on your computer and you will see a soulspektrum folder. BOATS will be waiting for you to drop your hook and fish it out. Actually, copy it out so that it remains for others to copy.

In the future we can share albums via this folder. If you've got anything that you think somebody else needs to hear then pop it in the folder and give them a quick message. It is as easy as dropping it into any folder on your machine. Dan, once up and running i would love a copy of latest Ty album. thanks


  1. Thanks for this Jez, I've been meaning to get my hands on this album but just never got round to it.
    Dropbox looks good, I'll be adding to it soon, I'm sure.
    Congratulations on the new arrival, and happy birthday Spektrum!

  2. martyn - you're welcome, enjoy. I've also got the live at the Matterhorn album if anyone wants to 'borrow' it, give me a shout.

    cheers dan, you're a special kind of fool ;)

  3. You're welcome Jez. I'll also put this Timmy Regisford album up as it's right up your street: funky, soulful, house and garage with an afrobeat twist!

    Mr Arranger, any chance of the answers to your quiz being posted?


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