Saturday, 20 November 2010


tr.v. re·mixed, re·mix·ing, re·mix·es
To recombine (audio tracks or channels from a recording) to produce a new or modified audio recording.

Re-edit, remix, rehash, mashup, reinterpretation.

For the last nine weeks, there has been a little lady in my house which has meant I haven't even had time to download your mixes let alone make my own until today.

I had these tunes for a while and in this order for ages. Remixes I have found, that I like, and have been listening to recently. Appreciate there a couple to turn the purist away. I think of them as a little bit of fun. I am a sucker for a remix, especially if produced with a little humour.


  1. Reckoner (Leftside Wobble Off World Excursion) - Radiohead
    Ain't Nobody (The Revenge Rework) - Alex Wilson
    Pushin (West of Centre Remix) - Andy Caldwell
    A(nother) Day at the Carnival - Shay Uhns Cosmic Song Bird Remix) - Dam Funk
    Autechre (See on See Remix) - Pixelord
    I need a dollar (Kurc Remix) - Aloe Blacc
    Stand by Me (Biscope Boot) - Ben E King
    Gettin' in the Way (Biscope Boot) - Jill Scott
    Scribbled Paper ( Floating Points Remix) - Little Dragon
    Fat Back Remix - dranaL
    Mathematics (Duncan Gerow) - Mos Def vs Flying Lotus
    One Step Ahead (Featurecast) - Aretha Flanklin & Marvin
    The Big Throwdown ( Funk the system Edit) - South Bronx

  2. Like, especially like alex wilson's salsa version of Chaka Khan's 'ain't nobody' and the andy caldwell number.

    Who's the geezer in the beard?

  3. It's Chris, those sleepless nights seem to be catching up with him.

  4. I'm with the lankycaucasianblueblood on those two plus the aloe blacc and ben e king remixes. Good stuff!


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