Saturday, 18 September 2010


  1. Just like buses your posts. Not big and red with no where to sit down of course but in there regularity.

    First track is a indeed a super sperm heavyweight, in my view not enough tracks sing about the potency of sperm these days.

    Good to see the Blackbyrds on there as it was only last week that i was rediscovering their sound. not quite as funky but i love their track 'walkin in rhythm' - give it a listen if you haven't heard it before.

    good work. funky like a big red bus.

  2. Nice one Jimbo ( you included a couple of tracks I had planned for my next mix, especially 'God made me funky') Can you please make this available to download, if you don't know how I'm sure Jez will hold your hand!


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