Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Michael Jackson didn't come over to my house

Michael Jackson Didn't Come Over To My House by The Lone Arranger on Mixcloud

Download link -

This one has been almost ready for a while now, just needed one last tune to end it with, and a bit of time to record it.
As ever, it's simply what I've been listening to recently.

Nuff said.


  1. Byard Lancaster - Us
    La Lupe - Fever (Fiebre)
    Deela - Da Place I Know (feat Fire Tongue)
    Mungo's Hi Fi - I Love Jah (feat Ranking Joe)
    Gypsy Brown - Life Is A Trip (Mo' Horizons Mix)
    The Q Orchestra - Ritmo Diabolico
    Diesler - Pick Pocket (feat Laura Vane)
    M Swift presents 24 Carat - Cafe Bahia (Marc Mac 4Hero remix)
    Belleruche - Anything You Want (Not That) (Hint Remix)
    Bajka - The Hunting
    The Room Orchestra feat Jacqueline Miga/Yuri Shulgin - My Misgivings
    Little Dragon - Runabout
    Ray Harris And Fusion Experience - Scaramunga (Lack Of Afro Remix)
    Jazz Juice - Star Ski Putz
    Steven Perri & Zamaun - Street Scene
    The New Mastersounds - Nervous (Kenny Dope Remix)
    Eddie Roberts Quintet - Giorgios Brother (Lack Of Afro Rmx)
    Daidalosone - Summer Stone

  2. Nice mix Arranger, I particularly enjoyed the Bellaruche remix and am now listening to what else they have to offer on their my space site.....nice picture too Arranger, I was wondering when the relevance was going to make itself clear then Chunk popped up at the end there waxing lyrical about MJ...I remember going to see The Goonies at the cinema with my friends Justin Lowman and Robert Watkins when I was about twelve or thirteen (please hazard a guess at my age here)!! Keep the music coming Arranger.

  3. John Barnes (greatest ever Liverpool and England football player) actually came to my house once and that's true, but you'll never believe it.

    good upbeat mix arranger, perfect music to clean my house to on Monday morning. always nice to hear some little dragon, i shall have to check if they've got a new album, cheers.

  4. Yes Martyn. Great mix. Cooking on the BBQ outside on me own yesterday in the evening sun for this one. Gonna give it a few more listens and come back to you as to my track picks on this as I have listened and not been near the track listings.

  5. I only got round to this mix today for one reason or another but I enjoyed it a lot so thank you arranger. I also enjoyed the Hint remix of Belleruche ( I'm all about 'bass' at the minute) but that Deela tune at the start stood out for me. I hope you've got another mix brewing!


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