Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Reverend's Marmite mix

Now, I'll be upfront about this. Some of you won't like it. Sorry. Now that's done with, I hope that some of you do. I have completely ignored the 'soul' part of the blog and embraced the 'spektrum' part of the name instead. I decided to post this, mostly acoustical singer-songwriter-based mix for a couple of reasons. Firstly, inspired by the happiness bomb that was Ion's excellent English folk mix, I wanted to put some music together that was almost the polar opposite of the usual soulfunknufunkbeatsmodreggaelounge stuff I would normally play to a dancefloor crowd. Secondly, having just split up with my girlfriend of two years, and being a bit of a cliche, this is the stuff I am listening to right now (as per instructions at the top of the page).

Right, tracklisting and shit, I'll do in the comments section. Save paper....

The Reverend's Marmite Mix by kitchen sink


  1. Oh, in case you were wondering, Marmite, because it really might not be your condiment of choice. And the Reverend part? That's my new pseudonym. I have recently been ordained as a minister in two separate churches (keeping my options open). Not that I believe in a God, more the fact that I can now officiate weddings, which looks like fun. Got a few to attend over the summer, and I think giving the vicar food poisoning and stepping in at the last minute might be a bit of a lark.

    Okay, the songs...

    1. Disappear - Cat le Bon.
    Welsh, off-kilter folk-noir

    2. When the Night Comes - Dan Auerbach
    Taking time off from 'The Black Keys', he comes across all Van Morrison on this track from his solo album (do we still call them albums these days?)

    3. Eid Ma Clack Shaw - Bill Callahan
    Nonsense chorus, Beatles strings
    4. Bullets - Tunng
    A bit heavy on the la-la-las, but I love the production.
    5. Bitter and Twisted - The Limp Twins
    I guess I'll get drunk and play Twister on my own.
    6. The Vibes Aint Nothin' but the Vibes - Barry Adamson
    Hard to believe that this man used to be in the Bad Seeds. Gorgeous slice of vibes-led cocktail life.

    7. Be Good or Be Gone - Fionn Regin
    You can hear several shades of Nick Drake's guitar style in the fingerpicking of this Irish troubador.

    8. Night Terror - Laura Marling
    Shockingly percocious - this album was recorded at the tender age of 18.

    9. Digging in the Ground - Doug Paisley
    A bit radio 2 but....

    10. Concubine Rice - Lone Pigeon
    More Zoo-based oddness from ex Beta Band man.

    11. Lest We Forget - Pete Molinari
    And I thought we didn't have people who could sing like this anymore. A man out of time.

    12. Who Knows Where the Time Goes - Fairport Convention.
    Just for Ion. This tune puts me in a specific time and place. Like a musical blanket.

    13. Cape Canaveral - Conor Oberst
    A gentle strummer from a prolific songwriter, who seems to have an album out every couple of days.

    14. Paris Rain - Emma Tricca
    I know nothing more about Ms Tricca, other than her album makes me yearn for Autumn, a comfy chair and a big fire.

    15. Chicken Bones - John Grant

    From the ex-Czars frontman's new album, backed by Midlake throughout. The whole thing sounds like it has beamed in from 1976 and I am addicted to it. Again, not to everyone's taste. Where 10cc meets Bread and has a fight in a lift.

    16 Witchi Tai To - Harper's Bizarre.

    Native American chant set to tinkly handbells. 'Water spirit feeling spinning round my head, makes me feel glad that I'm not dead'. Bless.

  2. After only two songs I could feel your lonesomeness, after them all I had to ring my mrs to check she hadn't left me.....nice relaxing stuff Dave, particularly enjoyed Laura Marling, Barry Adamson's vibes and the Pete Molinari number...and the musical blanket of Sandy Denny takes me to only one place....a particular 18th floor flat in 2001 and a new scouse buddy! Keep your chinny-chin-chin up old friend and don't forget the WC is just round the corner and we'll be sure to win it, enjoy your summer in Brizol~!

  3. now that you've bought my attention to it, marmite is a condiment that i really miss. I mean, my toast is suitably adorned with peanut butter but it gets a bit boring, and i find jam a wee bit sweet for the mornings. ahhh what i'd do for some marmite on toast. i shouldn't grumble too much about my condiment concerns as i've been very kindly kept in tack with my brown sauce addiction (HP).

    not the usual selection of tunes i would listen to but i enjoyed it nevertheless. hopefully the good reverend can continue to spread his marmiteness goodness where ever he goes!

  4. Cheers Dave, I have enjoyed this mix as I studied Chinese today. I really liked the Bill Callahan track, actually I thought a lot of the songs had a bit of a Beatle feel to them, maybe you're going back to your Scouse roots. The fairport convention track is one of my Dad's favourites and also brings back memories for me. I'm glad you got to hear that first Fela track several times, the lyrics probably reminded you of Liverpool (if they went a bit more like this): "You be thief." "Oi I ain't no f'in thief mate" "Alright calm down"


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